Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping busy

It's kinda sad when you can't think of anything all that worthwhile in the past couple of days that is all that noteworthy.  The only thing that happened that was surprising was our church basketball game that went incredibly poorly lol.  After 40 minutes of playing our team was only able to get 21 points, yeah that is almost as bad as if not worse than middle schoolers.  I think I was 1/5 so the majority of the time I wasn't even shooting but they stopped guarding us in the last 10 min because it didn't even matter and we still couldn't even score.  It was soooo pathetic.  After that game I was so flabbergasted that I didn't even want to continue the rest of the season because our players suck soooo bad.  The players who actually know basketball strategies and play regularly are our worst players...  Simple things like stopping the ball when they are pressing up the court like on a fast break.  Giving help defense on a screen or sliding off the person you are defending to keep someone from driving to the basket.  Boxing out your man so he doesn't get in front of someone who is actually boxing out the big dudes who will score under the basket.  Don't force a pass that you waited too long to make just because they are open to score but you can't get it to them cause you have terrible timing or are blind lol.

It didn't help that they scored 50 some odd points to our 21 but man... let's at least keep it competitive.  The fact that I'm the tallest guy on our team and fastest doesn't mean I can play post and point guard at the same time... I'm only 150 lbs so boxing out is a task against 6'3" guys who are 200+ lbs.  If I couldn't jump as high as I can I would also be screwed.  Needless to say at the end of the game I am spent when I actually try.

In other news I finally got to talk to that girl I took on a date regarding what happened and I'm at least on good terms with her but I don't think I can ever trust her the same lol.  She just likes to chat a lot and be a tease it seems, fun...*shakes head*.

Volleyball this past thursday was another 1 of 2 win since we are ranked 2nd and play the #1 team each week now and can't seem to win one against them of a best of 3 games match.  We are able to beat every other team though but we can't play consistently enough against the best team to pull out a win.  We keep trying a 6^2 format for our formation which normally works well for hitters but it also creates confusion for people when there is a lose ball that didn't get bumped well to the setter so people watch waiting for a set when they really need to take charge and just set someone else instead of letting it hit the ground...

Classes are somewhat stale but the programming class I have with Java programming using BlueJ is entertaining when it is a challenge and when I feel like I have a shot at coding something without the help of a textbook or the professor.  It's somewhat annoying that the configuration of code is just different enough from C# that I swear my code is perfect but Java comes back with errors saying I'm using an incorrect symbol but really all is wrong is I need extra curly brackets {} or parenthesis () using 'if' statements or things of that nature just cause it's Java and not C#... stupid.

I think I'm about done but one last thing I noticed recently is people from Salem here like to make trips to Idaho or Utah to visit people at Rexburg or BYU.  The thing is they simply want to be around more lds people or their friends who went off there when they could simply start going to school and then they wouldn't have to waste their money with these trips that are expensive and are a once or twice type of deal.  Just boggles my mind.  Yes it is a roadtrip but couldn't they do something different for a road trip if all they really want to do is visit people... you could get that interaction by going to school or moving there for crying out loud.  Also, people who are back from school for a term from byu-i or Utah simply won't stop talking about how much they miss it to those of us who DON'T CARE.  If you don't want to be here stop whining about how boring this place is, jeez.  Some of us live here, hello!

Ok I'll get off my rant box again lol.  What to do for valentines day...hrrmm, good question.  Get a job? If only, lol.  Must stay positive :) haha. Yeah that's all I got for today :).